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Minutes of meetings

Meeting Wednesday  16th March 2016


At the meeting:          















Clare Ratcliffe


What we talked about:

Clare went back over the manifesto ideas that people had about making the school better. The school council then decided what needed to be done next to make them happen:


  1. Improve the school dinner menu, such as offering a packed lunch option.
  2. Different sports in PE, such as cheerleading and football.
  3. A better playhouse.
  4. More equipment for when it’s wet play.
  5. Put a roof onto the scooter rack.
  6. Get people to take better care of the reading books in the classroom.
  7. Get a school pet.
  8. Change the ropes to swings, to stop people getting hurt and not sharing.
  9. Dressing up costumes.


For all of these it was decided that the school council need to speak to Mrs Abbott, so Clare will invite her to the next meeting.


To prepare for this, Clare asked the school council to make a list of the new food that they would like to see on the dinner menu and also the sorts of things they would like for wet play. This was to be finished at home and brought to the next meeting.


We then talked a bit about the problem of reading books not being looked after in the classroom. A couple of people suggested bookshelves rather than boxes (like in Miss Tudela’s classroom)would help. Other ideas were book tickets/ passes or to limit the number of people looking at the same time (max 4). This will be discussed with Mrs Abbott at the next meeting.


What happens next:


Everyone will bring their ideas to the next meeting.


Clare will invite Mrs Abbott to attend our next meeting.


At the school Easter Egg Hunt on Sunday  20th March, people will be able to paint a plank of the shed in the playground. This was an idea from the last school council. It will be painted in rainbow colours, which will hopefully make it look a lot better.


Date of next meeting: Wednesday 23rd  March