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Sports Day 2015

PROPOSED Sports Day: 25thJune 2015

9:15am Part 1: Class parade

  • Children parade up and down the running track in front of parents with a team colour flag, then find their place to sit in team colour groups. (Reception at front, yr1 middle, yr2 back.)
  • Classes are split into 6 groups of 5 – each group assigned a coloured tabard to wear (purple, yellow, red, green, blue and orange) NB: Siblings and known cousins are in the same colour group.
  • Parents to sit at the side of running track facing the school.


9:30am Part 2: Competitive running races (in classes)

  • Classes will be placed in ability groups of 5. Teacher to call out groups and line up for races.
  • Children run their races – stickers are awarded for 1st, 2nd and 3rd at the finish line.
  • 1st race: Running race (All years)
  • All other classes watch and cheer.
  • Sit back in their team colour group space after they have raced.


10: 15am Part 3: Round robin of sports activities in coloured teams (mixed year groups)

  • Parents join children
  • Coloured groups are assigned a teacher and TA. Mrs Rudd orange, Mrs Cleavely  yellow,  Mr Ratcliffe blue, Mrs Careford purple, Mrs Knights green, Miss Tudela red.
  • Take drinks bottles with them and bowl with snack for later.
  • Group stays with assigned adults and rotate round the 6 activities every 12 minutes.
  • Athletic club students to award points to each team at the end of activity. (Team work and behaviour)

There will be 6 Activities to rotate around – including a couple for parents to join in with! 


Athletic club students stay at activities and man equipment.

Bell to ring every 12 minutes to rotate groups.

Mrs Rayner First Aid Station near yr2 classes.

Toilets to be used are in Miss Tudela’s class.

At the end of 3rd  activity (approx. 11.00) groups stop for drink and snack – alcohol gel to wash hands


To finish the morning children back into class groups for a final competitive race – time permitting


11:45pm Part 4: Lunchtime picnic

  • Children to return to class with teacher to get ready for lunch – parents to meet their children at an allotted meeting point.
  • Wash hands and collect school dinner or packed lunch.
  • Children eat their lunch with their parents/carers on the field (or classrooms if weather turns!)
  • Parents leave the field by 12:15 – Children back to class with teacher to be registered. Children have normal playtime until 1pm with MDAs.