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Medical & Illness

Should your child require regular prescription medication i.e., asthma inhalers etc, during the school day we require you to authorise us to administer it. Forms are available in the school office. Without this authorisation we are unable to administer medicine of any sort.


We do not expect to regularly administer over the counter medicine or antibiotics to pupils, if they are ill enough to require medicine they should probably be at home. If they are completing a course of antibiotics they should, if possible be administered at home around the school day. Please check First Aid and Medicines Policy below for clarification.


Please inform the school, by phone or note as soon as possible if your child is ill. If your child has an upset tummy or sickness we ask that you keep them at home for at least 48 hours to prevent the spread of infection.

Useful document that explains various childhood illnesses and school attendance

First aid and Medicines Policy 2017.