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Broomgrove Schools’ Parent-Teacher Association


The Broomgrove Schools’ Association (BSA) was set up to help build the swimming pool, and has continued to raise funds to maintain the pool, giving all our children the wonderful opportunity of swimming lessons in their very own school. We also manage to raise significant additional funds: the infant and junior schools have most recently used these to buy play equipment and library books.


What do we do?

Every year we organize the Summer Fair and the Fireworks (generally the first Friday in July, and the Friday closest to November 5th), as well as the recently-introduced Easter egg hunt. We also fundraise via the clothes/textiles collections, and the Christmas card printing. Other social events (quiz nights, raffles etc.) have been held in the past: the new committee’s aim is to make the existing events better than ever, and to explore more ideas for fun events and activities that also raise money for the schools.


How can you help us?

IDEAS: Please do float any ideas by us – we’ll pursue those that seem to have most support! So far these include:


  • Run for reading  for library books
  • an infant school disco
  • a ‘walk-to-school’ initiative, a

  • bring in your old and foreign coins

  • second-hand clothing sale (school uniform and/or other clothes/toys?)


Do send any additional ideas (or what you think of these ideas listed above) to carolrennie at ymail dot com and we will see what we have support/the energy for!


EVENTS: We would be really grateful for your help at our events. We know you all have many other obligations, but if you are willing in principle, please give us your contact details so we put you on our database and contact you with calls for help – even if it’s just half an hour to help set up/man a stall/pack away.

If you are willing in principle to help, please send your email address to carolrennie at ymail dot com so that we can email you with direct requests for help when we need it. Just let us know your name, and whether you are associated with the infant or junior school. Many thanks! (CLICK HERE to open our ‘database request’ sheet, which describes the types of things we might want help with)



Who are we?

Anyone with a child at Broomgrove is a member of our Association. Those of us with active roles in 2014/15 are listed below: we meet with the School heads for a formal meeting once a term, and then some of us will meet in little task groups and by email circulation to organize the various activities and events.


Chair: Sarah Wright
Deputy Chair: Michelle Malone Harris

Treasurer: Jo Pearson

Secretary: Sara Andrews

Committee Members/Contacts: Rebecca Bowen, Karen Cakebread, Jessie Chapman, Steve Chapman, Nicky Jones Cooper, Rebecca Cowdry, Catherine Etherson, Tracey Fobister, Dawn Mott, Christian Nunn, Helen Nunn.


Below we’ve listed ourselves by the classes that our children are in. If you are someone who is well networked at the school gates, we’d be really grateful to have a couple of ‘class reps’ for every class, so that we could alert you to BSA activities/ requests for help, and you could then spread the word about these/rally parents in your child’s class to take part or help out (you wouldn’t have to become a formal committee member, or feel obliged to help out yourself, unless you wanted to)! Email  carolrennie at ymail dot com if you’re willing to fill a gap!


2014/15 BSA parent contacts by class



Class teacher


BSA parent contact(s)



Mr Ratcliffe

Rebecca Cowdry

Mrs Cleavely

Jo Pearson,

Helen & Chris Nunn

Year 1

Mrs Stang

Steve & Jessie Chapman

Mr Knights/Watt

Michelle Malone Harris

Year 2

Mrs Rudd

Sara Andrews,
Nicky Jones

Miss Tudela

Sarah Wright

Year 3

Mrs Blower


Mrs Crocket/Munson

Tracey Fobister,

Karen Cakebread

Year 4

Miss Chapman

Jo Pearson

Mrs Wheeler

Rebecca Bowen, Karen Cakebread, Dawn Mott
Helen & Chris Nunn

Year 5

Miss Ledger

Catherine Etherson

Ms Homewood


Year 6

Mrs Sharpe


Mr Acford

Tracey Fobister




NOTES: 23 September 2015


PRESENTChair Carol Rennie, Deputy Michelle Harris, Treasurer Jo Pearson, Secretary Sara Andrews, Infant Head Lehla Abbott, Junior Head Matthew Fuller, Karen Cakebread, Jessie Chapman, Katie Johnston, Megan Maltby, Chris Mayne


Fundraising 2014-15: £7,387 raised!


A very successful year! Lots of fun events (courtesy of a lot of effort from lots of people!)

Total income £18,663, spend £11,277, profit £7,387


  1. Fireworks 2014: good weather, and extra attractions (fire performers and bonfire) helped us raise an amazing £5,349 on the night!! Profit: £4,076.


  1. Swimming: donations of £4,541 covered all costs (oil, instructor etc: £3,253).  Reclaimed gift aid added £1,482 (we anticipate £1,500 in the next financial year). Profits will be reinvested back into the pool: new doors are needed, and a cracked pipe repairing.


  1. Summer Fair 2014 A very successful event, great atmosphere – well done and a huge thank you to all the teachers and staff and parents who helped out. Healthy profit of £2,974. We’ve bought two new gazebos for the BSA, and have a route to borrow more from the Wivenhoe May Fair committee.


  1. The first Infant School disco, February 2015 was a great success: £228 profit and the kids had a fantastic time. We will run again, with some changes to reduce queues!


  1. The Easter Fun day, combined with Bloomgrove, a Book Sale and refreshments was another great event. £369 profit: new equipment (signs and stamps) good to go next year.


Use of Funds 2014-15: £10,028


We presented the Schools with £10,028 in 14/15. The new colourful recycled plastic benches in the school entrances will soon be joined by more of the same range, replacing the ageing wooden tables and sheds in the infant school playgrounds. The Junior School playground development maps and chalkboard are up, and a creative play ‘Scrap Store Playpod’ will be installed this year. The BSA also paid for 50% of the cost of the new ‘Junior School Leavers’ yearbooks.


PLANS FOR 2015-16:

  • Run all the events we ran last year, plus a ‘Movie & Munch’ film screening evening, for both Schools (c/o Sara Andrews, Donna Howard)
  • Plan celebrations for the Infant School’s 50th Anniversary, in 2016
  • Buy a new BSA shed (old on, in school field, falling apart)
  • Reorganize equipment in shed (volunteers please!)


BSA COMMITTEE 2015-16: Those listed above will continue in post, except the Chair (Carol Rennie is moving out of the country). Jessie Chapman will step into the breach if no-one else can be found, but efforts will be made to persuade a candidate agreed by all to be ideal! Appointments will be made at next termly meeting with heads (termed an Extraordinary Meeting for the purpose)