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Welcome to the Governor parent information page of our school Website. Here you will find listed all the Governors and their individual areas of responsibility as well as a copy of our annual Governance Statement.


We are all volunteers who have joined the Governing Body to try and give something back to the school community and support the school in our “critical friend” role to hold the head teacher and school leaders to account. Some of us are parent governors and some are co-opted governors; there is also one staff governor, two associate governors and one Local Authority governor. We come from a variety of different backgrounds to try and ensure we have the skills the school needs.

The role of governors involves;

  • Setting the strategic direction of the school
  • Holding the Headteacher and Senior Leadership of the school to account through Performance Management, reading prepared papers, monitoring visits and asking questions
  • Attending meetings to discuss personnel, finance, premises or curriculum and pupil related matters, as well as full governing board meetings.

There are also opportunities for us to take part in further training to support us in our roles and it can be a rewarding and enjoyable experience.


Governors also undertake school visits to monitor the implementation of the school development plan and to see first hand the policies and procedures being put into action. This gives us the opportunity to see staff and children at work and to take part ourselves in the full and varied opportunities on offer at Broomgrove Infant school. You may well see us at sports days, Christmas plays, Bonfire night, class open mornings, or at the Christmas and Summer Fairs but most of our work for the school happens during the school day or at our committee meetings on Thursday evenings.


From time to time we have vacancies on the governing body and anyone interested in being part of our committed team is more than welcome to discuss this with myself or Mrs Grigg.


All Governors are committed to working in close partnership with parents, carers, and the wider community. Should you want to contact us or discuss any issues with us, then please feel free to leave a message at the office and we will do our utmost to respond promptly. You can also contact the governors by e-mail on: governors@broomgrove-inf.essex.sch.uk


Mr Jon Guy
Governing Board Chair




Chair of Governors

Mr Jon Guy

Chair of Personnel, Finance & Premises and Vice Chair of Governors

Mr Lee Allen

PFP Committee

Mrs Alison Grigg (Interim Head teacher)

Dr Emily Baker

Mr Jon Guy
Cllr Rosalind Scott

Mr Barry Atkinson

Mrs Hannah Hunt

Chair of Curriculum & Pupil Related Matters

Mrs Clare Ratcliffe

CPR Committee

Mrs Alison Grigg (Interim Head teacher)

Mrs Sylvia Chegra

(Mrs Sarah Cleavely – observer)

Parent Governor Vacancy

Staff Governor Vacancy

Associate Governors

Julia Homewood

Rev Erwin Lammens


Annual Governance Statement for the Governing Body of Broomgrove Infant School

September 2017


In accordance with the Government’s requirement for all governing bodies, the 3 core strategic functions of the Broomgrove Infant School Governing Body are:


1. Ensuring clarity of vision, ethos and strategic direction;

2. Holding the headteacher to account for the educational performance of the school and its pupils;

3. Overseeing the financial performance of the school and making sure its money is well spent.


Governance arrangements

The governing body of Broomgrove Infant School is constituted of 15 governors; the Headteacher, 1 Local Authority Governor, 5 parent governors, 1 staff governor, 2 associate governor and 5 co-opted governors. All full governors sit on the Full Governing Body (FGB) and either the Curriculum and Pupil Related (CPR) committee or the Personnel, Finance and Premises (PFP) committee, with associate governors just attending FGB meetings. We also have a Joint Interest Committee (JIC) together with the Junior School to improve partnership and strategic working across the schools in the best interests of our pupils and their families.


The work that we have done in our committees and in the governing body


This has been a busy year for the Governing Board of Broomgrove Infant School. We have re-launched the updated Vision for the School (Best, Giving, Inclusive, Safe) following our consultation with parents, staff and children last year, being involved in the Ofsted Inspection and recruiting a new Headteacher.


Due to the resignation of our HT in March, the FGB has focused on securing an Interim Headteacher for the 2017-2018 academic year. This decision was taken as we had missed the deadline for existing Headteachers to be able to apply for the post (the recruitment process would have had to be completed by 30th April and takes a minimum of 12 weeks). Our own Deputy Head was also on maternity leave and we felt a temporary, experienced HT would give us time to look at the opportunities for more shared governance and leadership with the Junior School, or to recruit in the next academic year for a permanent HT with the widest possible field of applicants.


The FGB were also part of the Ofsted inspection in the last academic year and were pleased that the Inspector could see the hard work and commitment of the team and how exceptionally well cared for the children are at the school.


The Personnel Finance & Premises committee looks at the financial operation of the school, Human Resources, the staffing structure and the upkeep of the premises and grounds. Working with the school’s Financial Consortium Manager we have agreed the budget and then monitor its implementation.


This year the PFP Committee has focused on increasing SENCo provision and looking at ways of financing this. The retirement of our experienced SENCo, as well as other staffing changes (particularly PPA cover) has enabled us to establish a new staffing structure that better meets the need of pupils. We also work with the other schools in the Colne Cluster to leverage the economies of scale and therefore manage costs. This allows us to maximise the share of the school budget that can be utilised for the benefit of the pupils and their learning.


The Curriculum & Pupil Related matters committee has discussed pupil progress and attainment, comparing progress across different groups of children to ensure we are meeting the needs of the whole school community. Outcomes for children of spending on Pupil Premium, Sports Premium and the teaching of phonics have been discussed with Governors having a chance to look at the phonics screening test and the evaluation of it alongside measures that the school has put in place to raise the pass rate. We have also reviewed policies that have come up for updating.

Time has been given to discussing the attendance of pupils and the progress we have made in reducing persistent absenteeism. We have also discussed the issue of lateness and the impact this has on other children in the class settling to learn, as well as children’s progress and the actions and measures that the school has in place to address these issues. The new assessment framework for KS1, as well as changes in assessment in EYFS have also been a focus. Staff areas of responsibility have also been discussed, with subject leaders presenting or submitting reports on their area of responsibility within the curriculum.

The Joint Interest Committee is constituted to discuss the issues which concern both the Infant and Junior schools, such as the catering facilities, the use of the bungalow, premises and grounds. The committee also looks at areas where the two schools can work in tandem for the benefit of the pupils such as handwriting, English and mathematics and SEND; processes which enhance consistency and continuity, enabling the children to enjoy a smooth transition between both schools. This year topics have included; agreeing non-pupil days, Out of School club, catering, joint projects and closer working between the schools. We are working towards shared Behaviour Policy and have aligned our Attendance Policies. The committee is made up of the Head teacher, Chair of Governors and the Chair of the PFP and our opposite numbers in the Junior School.


With regard to the rest of the FGB meetings; the first Full Governing Board meeting of the year reviews the work of the governing body from the previous year, identifies training needs of governors and any gaps in skills we require from our members, allocates responsibilities and plans the work of the governing body (including monitoring visits) for the rest of the year. The majority of work is undertaken by the committees as described above, so full governing board meetings have been an opportunity to give feedback from this work, answer questions arising from members of the opposite committee and to set a strategic overview for the school. This includes agreeing the five year budget plan, looking at the school’s self evaluation form and reviewing policies that require full governing body agreement. We have also discussed children’s attainment, benchmarking against other schools, attendance and safeguarding.


Governors have undertaken 42 monitoring visits across the academic year. These include monitoring Statutory responsibilities such as Safeguarding, Equalities and Health and Safety, as well as monitoring progress on School Development Plan priorities, such as phonics outcomes and Assessment Without Levels and completing the Headteacher’s Performance Management review.


Individual governors have undertaken training relating to their areas of responsibility and a governor also attended the Essex Governors Conference. Governors have attended updates and Essex briefings, as well as supporting the school at events throughout the academic calendar and collecting feedback from stakeholders.

Future plans for the governors

  1. year we will be focusing on strategic direction and working more closely with the Junior School as well as monitoring the implementation of the School Development Plan to ensure continued improved outcomes for children and undertaking monitoring visits for statutory responsibilities. The school development plan is accessible on the school website and on the wall of the corridor between the headteacher’s office and the staff room. We will endeavour to work closely with stakeholders and to keep you informed of our work via the school website and contributing to the school newsletter.

How you can contact the governing body: please email governors@broomgrove-inf.essex.sch.uk or leave a message in the governors post tray in the front office of the school for the attention of the chair of governors.


Attendance record of governors

We have had good attendance at all meetings and other than shifting one meeting back a week in order to be quorate we have not had to make any changes to scheduled meetings. See spreadsheet on the website for attendance of individual governors at meetings.



2016-17 Academic Year Governors and their areas of responsibility

Mrs Lehla Abbott (Headteacher)

Dr Emily Baker (Chair of Governors) – co-opted governor – Safeguarding, Attendance

Mr Jon Guy (Vice Chair of Governors and Chair of PFP) – LA – SEND, Pupil Premium, Inclusion, Curriculum

Mr Graeme Davies (Vice Chair of PFP) – parent governor – Finance and data, Sports Premium

Mrs Sally Turner (Vice Chair of CPR) – staff governor – Link governor (governor training)

Rev Erwin Lammens – associate governor – SMSC and British Values

Mrs Janet Harrison (CPR) – co-opted governor - Maths

Mrs Gill Strudwick (CPR) – co-opted governor – Assessment and Phonics

Mr Lee Allen (PFP) – co-opted governor – ICT, website and Health and Safety

Mrs Clare Ratcliffe (CPR) – parent governor – Chair of CPR, EYFS

Mr Barry Atkinson (PFP) – parent governor (newly appointed)

Mrs Hannah Hunt (PFP) – parent governor (newly appointed)

Mrs Sylvia Chegra (CPR) – parent governor (newly appointed)

Mrs Julia Homewood (associate) – Junior School staff member

Cllr Ros Scott (PFP) – co-opted governor - Teaching&Learning

(Mrs Sarah Cleavely – Deputy Headteacher and observer – maternity leave)


Governor Meeting Attendance

Governor Meeting Attendance

Governor Meeting Attendance 1