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Snow Plan

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Snow Plan

Guidance for Parents and Staff

of Broomgrove Infant and Junior Schools


In matters related to adverse weather conditions, we will keep the school open whenever possible, provided the safety of children and staff can be maintained.  However there may be occasions for where, due to the health and safety of children and staff, we have to close the school. The importance of clear communication is essential and this letter outlines our procedure in such circumstances.

Essex County Council (ECC) has created a new online notification system to keep parents up-to-date about unplanned school closures. The system has been introduced by ECC to allow parents and guardians to access information about school closures faster and more effectively via the internet.

All Essex schools will be able to complete a simple reporting process either on the day of the closure or the day before. A notification will then be added to a live feed on the emergency school closures page on the council’s website http://www.essex.gov.uk/Education-Schools/Schools/Dates/Pages/Emergency-School-Closures.aspx

This feed will continue to update as notifications of school closures are received. The page will refresh at 6pm each evening and closure lists for the next day will then go live.

Essex radio stations have always been extremely helpful in not only listing school closures online, but also using their airtime to keep people informed. They will continue to support ECC in getting vital school closure messages out in as many ways as possible, including signposting listeners to the school closures page on the council’s website.

The decision to stay open or close the school is made by 7.00a.m. This will be based on;

  • the ability of staff to get into school
  • the safety /conditions in the building, given the weather
  • the likelihood of weather becoming even worse during the day. 

As well as the council’s new notification system, schools have been asked to provide information to parents about other ways they will communicate closures. We will communicate with you as parents / staff through;

Infant School:

  • School Website – scrolling on the homepage (please note that we may be unable to update this if a high number of parents are viewing at the same time so please avoid looking on the website between 6:30 and 6:45am)  We will endeavour to update the school website as soon as a decision has been made.
  • Answer machine message on the school number


Junior School:

  • School Website – on the school Twitter Feed. We will endeavour to update the school website as soon as a decision has been made.



Essex website as above

Approved radio stations – Heart FM & BBC Radio Essex

Parent Mail


Once this decision has been made to close the school it will not be reversed, even if weather conditions improve. Please accept our apologies in advance if the decision turns out to be the wrong one but we have to decide on the basis of the information we have at the time and with enough notice to allow parents to make childcare arrangements.  

Breakfast Club and Out of School Club:

On any snowy day, there is a strong possibility that we may be unable to open Breakfast Club on time or at all. If we announce a late opening, or complete closure, then it should be assumed that on that day Breakfast Club will not open at all. You should therefore always bring your child to the door to check that there is someone there. Similarly, we cannot guarantee that Out of Hours Club will open on snowy days and if there has been a heavy snowfall during the day, you should expect that Out of Hours Club will not open.  All other clubs will be cancelled in the event of snow.


Advice to Parents and Carers for extreme weather conditions

  • The decision to close the school will be a joint one between the Infant and Juniors Schools.
  • If the school has to close because of extreme conditions during school hours, the school will text/call you to collect your child.
  • Parents will have been notified of this closure by way of a text message, plus a message posted on the school website.
  • If conditions are bad the following morning and our school remains closed, please check our website for updates and a ParentMail message from us.
  • No snowballing.  This is in the best interests of health and safety for all pupils, staff and visitors. The children will get the chance, if they wish to, to throw snowballs at playtime subject to school's discretion. 


Advice for Staff

  • The school will remain open as normal except for extreme weather conditions.
  • The expectation is that if safe to do so, staff are to make their way to school.
  • Staff who drive to school may consider a different form of transport.
  • Our aim is to continue to provide our service to the families and community we serve despite weather conditions.
  • The Headteacher will inform both staff and parents as soon as possible if the school is to be closed
  • Staff are encouraged and reminded to check the :

School Website and Local Authority website (as above)

Approved radio stations

Text messages

  • Late Arrival of staff - the school accepts that in the event of snow, staff may be delayed in arriving on time, please inform the main reception of this, and continue to update the school on your expected time of arrival. The school will undertake to ensure all classes are supervised by another member of staff.


Guidance for Site Manager/Caretaker

  • Gates to playgrounds remain locked
  • Footpath to Reception entrance to be cleared and gritted/ Staff Park to be gritted and footpath created for staff to access the main buildings safely.
  • Check heating temperatures in the school and water temperatures.
  • Liaise with the Headteacher and Infant/Junior school about any risks /concerns regarding staff and pupil safety.