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Our school council meets every Wednesday lunchtime and includes children from Year One and Year Two.  Please scroll down to read the minutes from the meetings.

The 2016 School Council election will take place on Wednesday 2nd March.

Don't forget to bring you manifesto into school by Tuesday 1st March.


Dear Parent/ Carer,


We wanted to write and say a big thank you to your son/daughter for all of their hard working over the last term and a half during their time on the school council. The children came up with a lot of very good ideas about how their school could be made better. A lot of these ideas have been turned in to actions, with very positive outcomes. Knowing that children can sometimes be a little reluctant to talk about what happens at school, we thought that we would write and fill you in on their achievements:


  1. They launched and then judged the “Toy Safe” poster competition. This had the aim of encouraging all of the children to look after the outdoor toys in the playground.
  2. The boys in particular wanted some new superhero costumes. The school council approached Mrs Mayhew who has now made 20 superhero capes which the children will be able to play with as soon as the weather improves.
  3. They met with Mrs Turner, regarding the purchase of new outdoor toys and explained the sorts of things that would be most popular with the other children.
  4. We have approached 3 different supermarket chains, asking for money to help improve the outdoor space. Broomgrove Infants is currently one of the groups receiving green tokens at the coop. These will be collected until the end of April, when we will learn how much the school will receive. We have also applied to the Waitrose green token scheme. Apparently there is a long waiting list for this, but we will be chosen at some point in the future. Finally we have written to the community champion at Tesco at the Hythe. Thus far we have not had a reply.
  5. The school council really want to paint the sheds on the playground, as they are not in the best condition and look a bit drab. They wrote to the BSA asking if some shed painting could be done at the Easter egg hunt on 20th March. The BSA were really pleased to receive the letter and at the egg hunt, everyone will have the opportunity to paint a plank for 20p.
  6. The school council has regularly met with Mrs Abbott to keep her up to date with their work and to ask her about things they would like done around the school.
  7. They have taken part in a number of assemblies. Standing up in front of the whole school to promote their work. An example of this is that the midday assistants asked the school council to remind pupils to say please and thank you when they receive their school dinner from the cooks, as lots of people seemed to be forgetting.


As you can see, the 8 school councillors from Years 1 and 2 have worked very, very hard. It has been lovely to see how they have all become more confident and by the end of their term in office, had become a close team of children, happy to give their opinions and to listen to those of the others.



Clare Ratcliffe (facilitator of the school council)

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The school council meets every Wednesday lunchtime

Minutes of school council meeting

14th October 2015

Present: Felicity, Peter, Maisy, Zachary, Holly, Violet, Henry  and Clare Ratcliffe.


Missing: Stanley


What we talked about today:


Today we wrote a letter which can be sent out to people asking for their help to make our outdoor space better. We can also use some of the letter to put onto the school website as it explains who we are and what we are trying to do to make the school better


What happens next…


Clare will type up the letter and start to send it out. She will send everything we have done so far to Mrs Abbott so that she can put it onto the school website.


Mrs Abbott is going to take photos of the school council members these will be put up in the hall and also put onto the website.


At our next meeting we will design a poster for our poster competition asking everyone to take better care of our play equipment.



Date of next meeting: Wednesday 21st October

smiley  Enhanced Healthy Schools Status

We have just had our Enhanced Healthy Schools Action Plan approved by the Quality Assurance Group and will be working to obtain the higher lever award over the next year or two!

Spring Term 2014


We are going to have an exciting day on Friday 7th March. We have been invited to Chelmsford to celebrate our revalidated Healthy Schools Status. Two members of the school council will travel to the venue by train with two memebrs of staff. We will meet other children from schools across Essex and receive our award at the awards ceremony! 

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