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Who's Who

Meet the staff at our school! (we're missing some photos - coming SOON!)
Picture 1 Mrs Abbott - Head Teacher
Picture 2 Mrs Cleavely Reception Teacher and Deputy Head
Picture 3 Miss Carter Reception Teacher
Picture 4 Mrs Llewellyn Year One Teacher
Picture 5 Mrs Knights Year One Teacher
Picture 6 Mrs Montague Year One Teacher
Picture 7 Mr Ratcliffe Year Two Teacher and Senior Leader
Picture 8 Miss White Year Two Teacher
Picture 9 Mrs Stephenson School SENCO
Picture 10 Mrs Turner Senior LSA
Picture 11 Mrs Wiltshire LSA Yr1
Picture 12 Mrs Taylor LSA Yr1
Picture 13 Mrs Summers LSA Yr2
Picture 14 Mrs Allen-Cole LSA Support
Picture 15 Mrs Battersby LSA Reception
Picture 16 Mrs Rayner LSA Year Two
Picture 17 Mrs Henderson LSA support
Picture 18 Miss Levi Out of Hours Club Manager
Picture 19 Miss Rouse LSA Support & Out of Hours Club
Picture 20 Miss Younghusband Out of Hours Club
Picture 21 Caroline Hughes Speech & Language Therapist
Picture 22 Mrs Stocking Bursar and Office Manager
Picture 23 Mrs Forsyth Admin Assistant
Picture 24 Mrs Etherson Admin assistant
Picture 25 Mrs Etherston MDA
Picture 26 Mr Stocking School Caretaker
Picture 27 Mrs Marshall MDA
Picture 28 Mrs Whitfield MDA and cleaner
Picture 29 Mrs Holmes MDA
Picture 30 Mrs Sutton MDA