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Reception 2017-2018

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To see what we have been doing in our classes please log on to Tapestry (the website link is below).

The children thoroughly enjoyed their penguin experience at Colchester zoo. We learnt all about where penguins come from, why they can't fly, how heavy they are, what the eat and enjoyed meeting Father Christmas. Children all had their photographs taken with father Christmas and thanked him for their gift. We visited many animal enclosures for example, the sealions, meerkats, lions, elephants, sun bears. We also saw butterfly eggs and caterpillars as we walked through the butterfly house. After lunch we walked around the zoo to see what animals we could find using our 'spotting sheets.' What an amazing day!!!

Children in Need (Pyjama day)

Children in Need (Pyjama day) 1
Children in Need (Pyjama day) 2
Children in Need (Pyjama day) 3
Children in Need (Pyjama day) 4
Children in Need (Pyjama day) 5
Children raised money by coming to school in their pyjamas. They independently made cakes following our balance scale recipe book. Children only needed support to bake the cakes using the school oven. Children were then able to buy their cakes from the cake sale after school.

Welly walk Wednesday

Welly walk Wednesday 1
Welly walk Wednesday 2
Welly walk Wednesday 3
Welly walk Wednesday 4
Welly walk Wednesday 5
Welly walk Wednesday 6
Welly walk Wednesday 7
Welly walk Wednesday 8
Welly walk Wednesday 9
Welly walk Wednesday 10
Welly walk Wednesday 11
Welly walk Wednesday 12
Welly walk Wednesday 13
Welly walk Wednesday 14

Children love to go on our weekly welly walks down to the nature area on the school field. Children used this time to go on mini-beast hunts looking for all kinds of creepy crawlies. Children used their identification sheets to find out which insects they had found. We discussed number of legs, wings and body parts. The children climbed trees and made dens alongside their friends using whatever resources they could find.


"I love hunting for the sticky worms!"


Phonics (Phase Two)

Phonics (Phase Two) 1
Phonics (Phase Two) 2
Phonics (Phase Two) 3
Phonics (Phase Two) 4
Phonics (Phase Two) 5
Phonics (Phase Two) 6
Phonics (Phase Two) 7
Phonics (Phase Two) 8
Phonics (Phase Two) 9
Phonics (Phase Two) 10
Phonics (Phase Two) 11
Phonics (Phase Two) 12
Phonics (Phase Two) 13
Phonics (Phase Two) 14
Phonics (Phase Two) 15
Phonics (Phase Two) 16

Children in reception have been learning their phase two letter sounds. Children are encouraged to apply this knowledge when reading and writing. We use Jolly Phonics actions and songs to help children to remember the sounds. This supports children to recall the letter sounds through providing an action prompt. The children have thoroughly enjoyed applying their phonic knowledge when playing phonic games on the class interactive whiteboard.  Everyday a child is awarded the class phonics trophy to take home for the evening. This allows children to share their success with their adults at home. 


Thank you parents for all the reading and additional learning you have been doing at home to support your child's learning.


Reception nativity rehearsals are in full swing!

Children in Need Baking

Children in Need Baking 1
Children in Need Baking 2
Children in Need Baking 3
Children in Need Baking 4
Children in Need Baking 5
Children in Need Baking 6
Children in Need Baking 7

This morning children helped bake cupcakes ready for our Children in Need cake sale on Thursday. Children followed the picture recipe book to make the cakes as independently as possible.


Don't forget to bring some money along with you. We look forward to seeing you there!

Please be advised that if your child is a focus child on week beginning Monday 13th November or 27th November and would have had a parent meeting on the Friday, that it will be on the Thursday. This is due to a non-pupil day and the school Christmas fair.

EYFS Long Term Plans 2017-2018

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