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In the Moment Planning....

The children decided what they wanted to explore this morning using all available resources. Water play, musical instruments, role play, reading, mark making, construction, and imaginative play were in full flow. Children were supported to build a pirate ship using the large construction materials and added their own ideas and creations (map, telescope and oars.)


A glorious child led morning in the summer sun. 

The Royal Ball

Following Sophia's letter asking for a royal party last week the day had finally arrived. We all got changed into their party clothes and walked down the red carpet to a fanfare. At the end of the red carpet posed for a picture with their chosen partners. We played sleeping lions, musical statues and musical bumps. We also enjoyed a slice of wedding cake.  However, when the clock struck three and the mouse ran down it was time for home....

St Mary the Virgin Church, Wivenhoe

On our arrival to St Mary the Virgin church Reverend Lammas was waiting for us. He wanted to share some information about the church itself before we moved inside. He explained that the church was made of Roman tiles 'flints'. Above the porch Reverend Erwin explained that there was a picture of St. Mary in a fishing boat with lots of fishermen fishing. A long time ago Wivenhoe was known for its fishing and boat building industry.


When we were inside we had a small snack and a drink of water. Reverend Erwin told us that the church had burnt to the ground and that some nice people helped to raise money to rebuild the church. 14 busts of their heads are on the ceiling,12 men and 2 women. This money was used to rebuild the church bigger and added new windows. Then disaster struck again.....in the 1800s an earthquake shattered one of the big pillars.


Reverend Erwin pointed out particular areas of the church:
The alter is where you eat and drink at the table- we remember the night before he died with his friends he had some food and a drink. On a Sunday we have a sip of wine and something to eat.

In church people sing songs called hymns and the word of God (stories) is read from the holy book 'The Bible.'
We looked at the stained glass windows and saw a picture of Mary. The children were asked who they thought she was and used their knowledge of the school nativity to support their understanding.

We looked at the font where people are Baptist/Christened, the organ, pulpit, altar and pews.

After we had finished our tour and made our rubbings we got ready to return to school.


To thank Reverend Erwin we gave him an Easter egg and thanked him for taking the time to speak to us.

This document is really useful when tracking your child's learning and development. It has been designed to help you as the parent/carer find out more about how your child is learning and developing during their first five years, in relation to the EYFS.


As suggested in this attachment, this document could be used to identify what your child can do and use it as a prompt to try and explore new things together.

Science day

Science day 1
Science day 2
Science day 3
Science day 4
Science day 5
Science day 6
Science day 7

We started our day with a very loud assembly with 'Hydro Helen' our Mad Scientist for the day. We were shown some brilliant experiments which the children found very amusing.

After assembly we then went off to the wildlife area to do some pond dipping and go on a bug hunt. We looked for a variety of insects and creepy crawlies which we identified using the identification sheets and magnifying glasses. Some children were drawing comparisons between what they saw last time we were down at the wildlife area and what has changed over that time for example, muddy puddles, leaves shooting on trees and bulbs growing.) We then went round to Year One to explore the gloop in their outside classroom. We were able to help make and touch the gloop. In the reception classroom we had a light box which changed colour. Children used different materials to place on to the light box and see what happens. In the reception outside classroom we used the water trays to explore materials and objects which float and sink. The children all had a turn at sorting these according to their properties.

World Book Day

World Book Day 1

The children thoroughly enjoyed dressing up as different book characters for World Book day.

Thank you to all parents for your support with the costumes.


Pancake day

Pancake day 1
Pancake day 2
Pancake day 3
Pancake day 4
Pancake day 5
Pancake day 6
Pancake day 7
Pancake day 8

Reception all helped to make pancakes today. Children could choose to have some sliced banana or lemon juice on their pancake. Here is some of the children's comments:


"I love Pancake day!"


"I like breaking the eggs and mixing it altogether."


"Mummy says Daddy eats far too many of these."


P.E  1
P.E  2
P.E  3
P.E  4
P.E  5
P.E  6
P.E  7
P.E  8
P.E  9
P.E  10
P.E  11
P.E  12
P.E  13
P.E  14
P.E  15
P.E  16
P.E  17
P.E  18

A few sneak peeks at what we got up to during today's P.E lesson using the apparatus.

A day in the life as a Victorian child

As part of today's Victorian day, children participated in lessons which children during the Victorian times would have experienced. Lessons varied from hand writing lessons using chalks, still life drawing, P.E gym circuits, practising times tables by rote and chanting rhymes.


We started the day off with an assembly and recited a poem by Lewis Carroll about a crocodile. Miss Grigg went through what it was like to go to a Victorian school.


Our first lesson we did some arithmetic. We looked at the pictures of coins and discussed what similarities/differences children could identify. The children had to stick them to a sheet of paper and label what coins they were e.g. half penny; farthing, sixpence.


During our art lesson, children were given a picture of an eagle. Children were asked to look at the fine details in the picture and have a go at drawing their own using just the picture for prompts.


During playtime children were organised so that they played traditional games such as hopscotch, or made up their own games using limited wooden equipment.


We decided that we didn't want to eat gruel today, so we opted for spaghetti Bolognese.


The children participated in a hand writing lesson where they practised forming their letter formations correctly. Throughout the course of the session children's boards were checked so that they didn't have chalk dust all over their work.


Children participated in regular nail inspections. The children were expected to stand behind their chairs and sit in rows of girls and boys.


It was a very fun filled day!


Thank you to all parents for supporting us and providing your children with such wonderful costumes.



In the Moment Planning

                                                                                                In the Moment Planning 1
                                                                                                In the Moment Planning 2
                                                                                                In the Moment Planning 3
                                                                                                In the Moment Planning 4
                                                                                                In the Moment Planning 5
                                                                                                In the Moment Planning 6
                                                                                                In the Moment Planning 7

The children in Reception love to be able to explore their learning environment without adults directing or leading their learning. This mornings activities varied from children asking to mark make using paint and the giant rolls of paper to water play. Children were fully immersed in their chosen direction of play and wanted to explore further.  


The adults work alongside children to facilitate their chosen activities, to build in learning opportunities to their play and to support children to move forward in their learning. An example of this might be a child who is naturally quite shy gaining confidence to become involved with an activity previously they were reluctant to explore. For example, building an assault course which has evolved in its design to travel around using their balance. This child is building in confidence to take calculated risks which are safely managed in a high quality learning environment. Everyday children ask for different activities. These choices can be influenced by their preferred areas of learning, personal interests or experiences.


This morning we went on a welly walk. We popped on our wellies and wrapped up warm.


We arrived at the wildlife area and listened to our strict instructions about keeping ourselves safe. We had to remember to stay away from the pond area which was being managed by an adult. We spoke about what might live in a pond and the children came up with many ideas including frogs, tadpoles, water snakes and fish. We looked at how the pond had so many leaves in it and considered the possible reasons why.


We used our minibeast identification sheet to help us remember what to look for. The children were thrilled to find slugs eggs, beetles, bird nests, ants, worms and centipedes. Some children were brave enough to hold them.


In the pond area we found some mushrooms and spoke about how we never touch them.

We ran up and down the mud hills and climbed some trees. We found some soil which had been dug up. We had a guess at which animal might dig the soil searching for food. Children eventually, after much discussion thought it might be a rabbit.


Some children found some old bird houses which had fallen out of the trees. Children wanted to find out if anything was still inside even though they had fallen on the floor. The bravely picked it up and peeked inside. We decided to try to find somewhere else for them to go. We knew that birds like to live high in the trees.


When we returned to class we washed our hands, took our wellies off and had some snack.

Class Party

Class Party 1
Class Party 2
Class Party 3
Class Party 4
Class Party 5
Class Party 6
Class Party 7
Class Party 8
Class Party 9
Class Party 10
Class Party 11
Class Party 12
Class Party 13
Class Party 14
Class Party 15
Class Party 16
Class Party 17
Class Party 18
Class Party 19
Class Party 20
Class Party 21
Class Party 22
Class Party 23
Class Party 24
Class Party 25
Class Party 26
Class Party 27
Class Party 28
Class Party 29
Class Party 30
These are some pictures from behind the scenes taken during our reception class party. We had a lovely time joining in with party games, dancing and singing songs. The children loved changing into their party clothes and sharing the treats they had brought in. The children also had a surprise visit from father Christmas.

Our first Christmas lunch at school

We enjoyed eating our turkey, pigs in blankets, roast potatoes and parsnips, carrots, peas and stuffing. We sang songs and pulled our crackers with each other.

Christmas Nativity (Mrs Worth's Class)

Christmas Nativity (Mrs Worth's Class) 1
Christmas Nativity (Mrs Worth's Class) 2
Christmas Nativity (Mrs Worth's Class) 3
Christmas Nativity (Mrs Worth's Class) 4
Christmas Nativity (Mrs Worth's Class) 5

Just a little sneak peek behind the scenes at our nativity rehearsals.

The children thoroughly enjoyed their penguin experience at Colchester zoo. We learnt all about where penguins come from, why they can't fly, how heavy they are, what the eat and enjoyed meeting Father Christmas. Children all had their photographs taken with father Christmas and thanked him for their gift. We visited many animal enclosures for example, the sealions, meerkats, lions, elephants, sun bears. We also saw butterfly eggs and caterpillars as we walked through the butterfly house. After lunch we walked around the zoo to see what animals we could find using our 'spotting sheets.' What an amazing day!!!

Children in Need (Pyjama day)

Children in Need (Pyjama day) 1
Children in Need (Pyjama day) 2
Children in Need (Pyjama day) 3
Children in Need (Pyjama day) 4
Children in Need (Pyjama day) 5
Children raised money by coming to school in their pyjamas. They independently made cakes following our balance scale recipe book. Children only needed support to bake the cakes using the school oven. Children were then able to buy their cakes from the cake sale after school.

Welly walk Wednesday

Welly walk Wednesday 1
Welly walk Wednesday 2
Welly walk Wednesday 3
Welly walk Wednesday 4
Welly walk Wednesday 5
Welly walk Wednesday 6
Welly walk Wednesday 7
Welly walk Wednesday 8
Welly walk Wednesday 9
Welly walk Wednesday 10
Welly walk Wednesday 11
Welly walk Wednesday 12
Welly walk Wednesday 13
Welly walk Wednesday 14

Children love to go on our weekly welly walks down to the nature area on the school field. Children used this time to go on mini-beast hunts looking for all kinds of creepy crawlies. Children used their identification sheets to find out which insects they had found. We discussed number of legs, wings and body parts. The children climbed trees and made dens alongside their friends using whatever resources they could find.


"I love hunting for the sticky worms!"


Phonics (Phase Two)

Phonics (Phase Two) 1
Phonics (Phase Two) 2
Phonics (Phase Two) 3
Phonics (Phase Two) 4
Phonics (Phase Two) 5
Phonics (Phase Two) 6
Phonics (Phase Two) 7
Phonics (Phase Two) 8
Phonics (Phase Two) 9
Phonics (Phase Two) 10
Phonics (Phase Two) 11
Phonics (Phase Two) 12
Phonics (Phase Two) 13
Phonics (Phase Two) 14
Phonics (Phase Two) 15
Phonics (Phase Two) 16

Children in reception have been learning their phase two letter sounds. Children are encouraged to apply this knowledge when reading and writing. We use Jolly Phonics actions and songs to help children to remember the sounds. This supports children to recall the letter sounds through providing an action prompt. The children have thoroughly enjoyed applying their phonic knowledge when playing phonic games on the class interactive whiteboard.  Everyday a child is awarded the class phonics trophy to take home for the evening. This allows children to share their success with their adults at home. 


Thank you parents for all the reading and additional learning you have been doing at home to support your child's learning.


Reception nativity rehearsals are in full swing!

Children in Need Baking

Children in Need Baking 1
Children in Need Baking 2
Children in Need Baking 3
Children in Need Baking 4
Children in Need Baking 5
Children in Need Baking 6
Children in Need Baking 7

This morning children helped bake cupcakes ready for our Children in Need cake sale on Thursday. Children followed the picture recipe book to make the cakes as independently as possible.


Don't forget to bring some money along with you. We look forward to seeing you there!

Please be advised that if your child is a focus child on week beginning Monday 13th November or 27th November and would have had a parent meeting on the Friday, that it will be on the Thursday. This is due to a non-pupil day and the school Christmas fair.

EYFS Long Term Plans 2017-2018

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