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Maths Mastery at Broomgrove Infant School


Mastery of mathmatics is something that we want for all of our pupils to acquire and to continue acquiring throughout their school lives, and beyond. At Broomgrove Infant School we feel that Mastery is about acquiring a deep, long-term, secure and adaptable understanding of the subject. 


Our Approach

  • Active learning
  • Time for children to think
  • Mastery is achievable for all children


Children working at Mastery:

  • Know how to do it
  • Their knowledge becomes automatic
  • They know that they are really good at it
  • They can show someone else how to do it
  • They have a deep and sustainable learning
  • They have the ability to build on something that has already been sufficiently mastered 
  • They have the ability to reason about a concept and make connections
  • They have conceptual and procedural fluency 


How we enable and develop Mastery:

  • Maths Meetings- children are continually using skills taught, given time to reason and make connections
  • Teachers enable children to make links between their maths learning 
  • Clear 4 rules  guidance to enable all children to master concepts whether at the concrete, pictorial or abstract  stage of learning
  • Time for children to solve problems to apply what they have learnt
  • Encouraging children to think deeper
    • Can they think of an answer
    • Can they think of more than one answer
    • Can they think of all the answers
    • Can they Prove it / explain how they know?
Concrete, Pictorial and Abstract (CPA)
 We are working using a variety of different approaches to support our learning; Concrete, Pictorial and Abstract (CPA). Through adopting this approach we are able to show our understanding and apply our reasoning and problem solving skills. Where possible we make our lessons personal and link to other areas of the curriculum. The attached pictogram is an example of how we forge links between different areas of learning for example, this terms topic and maths.
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Action Plan

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