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Phonics Information


At Broomgrove all children have a discrete daily phonics lesson.  We teach phonics at the very start of the day so it essential that your child arrives on time to start Letters and Sounds (phonics) promptly.  Every child will be working at their own level and will be grouped according to the Letters and Sounds phase they are working in this will range from phase 2 to phase 6.  When your child completes a phase they will bring a certificate home so you know that they have started the next phase.


In the documents below you will find details about each phase which will help you to know:

  • What skills your child will learn in each phonic phase.
  • The 'tricky' (non-decodable) words that your child must recognise and write for the phase they are working at.
  • The phonemes that will be taught for each phase (phonemes means sounds)



Throughout the year there will be opportunities to come with your child to their Letters and Sounds lessons.


If you have any questions about phonics please speak to your child's teacher.

Year 1 Phonics Screening Presentation