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School Council Elections 2019-2020


The children will receive a manifesto sheet during the Autumn term to take home and complete if they would like to be considered for the School Council. They will then present their manifesto to their peers in their class. Afterwards, everyone will vote in a ballot to elect one male and one female school councillor from each class. 

School Council Achievements 2018-2019


The School Council (2018-2019) worked very hard to consult with their peers in order to update our School Values at Broomgrove Infant School. The School Council representatives set a homework challenge for all the children to come up with words that best describe the kind of school and learners we are at Broomgrove Infants. We had a fantastic response with some brilliant words! From these the School Council narrowed down the selection centred around one word in particular 'Family'. 'We are all one big family at Broomgrove'. The School Council identified the following words from the homework entries to make an acrostic poem...


Fantastic friends

Amazingly active



Love learning

You are all loved


The School Council presented these new proposed values to Mrs Grigg and the Governing Body as well as sending them out to parents and children in a letter for consultation. Afterwards, they set an art competition for each class to come up with a picture to represent the different values for new school posters. The School Council voted to narrow down the entries to two per class, after which Mrs Grigg and the Governing Body selected the final winner. Here are the new posters for our School Values at Broomgrove Infants...