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Remote Learning

The school has worked on a remote learning offer and our most recent approach is described in the letter below that was sent to all parents on the 8th January 2021. Small adaptations will be made to the offer, as we take feedback from children and families.
You may also want to call the 'National Home Learning Support Line' also known as StarLine. This line is open 6 days a week and is staffed by teachers and Ofsted Inspectors, who can provide advice about home learning to parents and carers. The helpline is designed to help parents and carers create regular routines and study habits, offering practical steps to take to access resources, such as support with a specific topic or advice on how to structure the day, deal with difficult behaviour or manage the learning of several children. The number to call is: 0333 3139162 ( all calls charged at the local rate)
Keeping your child/ren safe online