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Reception 2020-2021

NHS 73rd Birthday

The children enjoyed dressing up in rainbow colours to celebrate the 73rd birthday of the NHS. The children came dressed in bright colours and each donated some money towards a charity. 


"Look Mrs Worth! I'm a rainbow of colours"


"It's the birthday of all the doctors, hospitals, and nurses. They're 73 years old."

Pirate Day!

As part of today's Pirate day the children were invited to come into school dressed as a pirate. We started the day by going on a treasure hunt where we found some chocolate coins hidden in the undergrowth. We made telescopes, hooks, treasure maps, eye patches and flags. Outside we made a ship out of cardboard boxes and other resources we found in the outside learning space. We enjoyed a cup of blackcurrant rum and a pirate biscuit!

Children in Need 2020

Today children were invited to come into school wearing their P.E kits with the addition of something spotty to their uniforms. The children enjoyed completing the activities prepared on the table including colour by numbers picture of Pudsey the Bear, and morning Pudsey the Bear yoga.


As a class we spoke about what Children in Need is and why we help to raise money for the various charities associated with Children in Need.  The children were pleased the money was going to help other children who are less fortunate than themselves. Well done Mrs Worth's class- you managed to raise a lot of money!

End of Term Celebrations!

To celebrate the children's great success over the past eight weeks we decided to have a party to celebrate. We wore our party clothes, decorated our classroom, had our face painted, played pass the parcel, as well as plenty of other exciting activities!


Thank you for working alongside us to make the children's first half term so exciting and such a positive experience for them. Enjoy the break and we look forward to welcoming you back for Autumn 2. 

Today we went on our first Welly walk down to the wildlife area. When asked we found our wellies and put them on and lined up at the door. We stayed in line and walked down to the wildlife area as a class with Mr Crookes, Mrs Wiltshire, Mrs Holmes and Mrs Worth.


We listened carefully to the safety rules including not to go near the pond unless with an adult, and when the bells ring we must stop and listen to the instructions. We found lots of minibeasts under logs, feathers and acorns. We climbed trees, and explored the woodland area paths. 


When we returned to class we took off our wellies, putting them back on the trolley, washed our hands and had a snack.


....It was brilliant!

Today was our first virtual lesson via Microsoft Teams. Mrs Minshull started the lesson by clapping a rhythm and we had to copy. We got introduced to Elaine the Elephant who is a character from the Stave House. We sang some songs and moved in time to the beat of the music. Mrs Minshull asked us to wiggle when the music is playing and freeze when it stops.
Tricky Words

We thought it would be useful to share some ideas as to how to support your child to learn to recognise their tricky words. Children have been introduced to 'tricky words', which are usually referred to as Common Exception Words (CEW), and that children need to practise these at home. Children at this stage only need to be learning to recognise them. This can be done by playing games such as

  • Snap
  • Bingo
  • Four corners
  • Hide and seek
  • Highlighting words in a newspaper article
  • Splat the tricky word
  • Writing words in chalk on the floor
  • Digging up hidden words in mud/glitter/flour


These are just some ideas to support your child to secure these words by sight. We have uploaded, to the class Microsoft Teams page, a video demonstrating how we support learning these with an adult in school. Although it is a reading exercise primarily, this isn't to say that you can't support this by writing them also. 


 Children will be expected to apply their tricky words knowledge as the year progresses in their independent writing. Tricky words will be checked each week by an adult in your child's class. When they are securely recognising each set they will then be given the subsequent set to take home and learn.  If you have any questions please speak to your child's class teacher.

New Entrants Photograph

At this time of year the local newspaper contact the school to come in and take a photograph of the 'New Entrants' to be included in their special edition publication. However, due to social distancing guidance and maintaining the integrity of the bubbles we are unable to welcome visitors onto the school site.  So that children don't miss out on this experience we have taken our own photograph which can be seen below. We hope you like them.


"Welcome to Reception 2020-2021"

Morning routines

Over the course of this week we are making another step towards a usual school day. We are currently staggering what we are doing and the expectations we have of children.


This morning children will come into class, self register using their name cards telling us what they would like for their lunch, put their belongings away (as they have been this week) and settle to carpet spaces to complete the work on the WB.

-Welcome to the Autumn term-

We are looking forward to welcoming you all back to school on Wednesday.


School/Packed Lunches

Just a reminder that if your child would prefer to bring in a packed lunch from home please ensure it is named. Please remember that we are a healthy school, which means that we promote healthy food choices and snacks. We will provide your child with a piece of fruit each day. 


Your child is welcome to bring in a named refillable water bottle. Ideally, your child should have a book bag so that it slots easily into their trays, so that letters and work can be sent safely home. 


Drop off/Pick up

Please be assured that we will do everything we can to support and settle your child to enter their classroom as independently as possible. Weather depending their may be activities set up outside your child's classroom to support their transition back into school. We appreciate this is going to be all very new for your child but we will do everything possible to make this a positive experience. 


Mrs Worth's class:

On your arrival to school on Wednesday, please enter the school site via the large playground gate and wait outside the classroom door for your child to be welcomed by their class teacher.


Mrs Llewellyn's class:

On your arrival to school on Wednesday, please enter the school site via the large playground gate and make your way round to classroom closest to the school office, and wait outside the classroom door for your child to be welcomed by their class teacher.



On your child's P.E day (TBC) we are going to ask for your child to come into school already wearing their PE kits. Children will then be able to wear this for the whole school day. Please refer to the 'Autumn Term' letter which can be found below for health and safety procedures relating to hair and jewellery.



Over the course of the first week of school, we will aim to get all children's Tapestry accounts open. If you do not receive a link to activate your child's account, please check your 'junk' folder as the link occasionally can be found here. If you continue to have problems please do contact your child's class teacher.


Thank you for your patience and support. 


                    Reception 2019-2020
Lockdown Welly Walk
Today we went on our welly walk down to the wildlife area. We used magnifying glasses and a tick sheet to see what we could find. We were lucky to spot a toad under a log. We explored why we thought the toad liked sitting underneath the log. The children explained that it was close to the school pond, where it was born, liked the shade from the summer sun and was safe from other animals eating it.
Tree Surgery
Today we had the tree surgeon in to cut down a rotten tree. Max in Reception was given the responsibility to take photographs of the whole process. We made sure that we stayed at a distance to keep ourselves safe and watched with great interest. We asked him if he could cut the fallen tree into sections so that we could reuse them in the woodland area in our playground. 
Odd One Out
The children were challenged to create their own 'Odd one out' for Mrs Worth to complete. The objective was to carefully consider the shape, size, form, material, purpose when choosing their objects. Attached are some examples of what the children created.
Keeping Essex Active
Please check out the brand new Active Essex "Keep Essex Active" Youtube channel - launched today!  This channel features local, trusted instructors who have tailored routines for all audiences from family to over 65's workouts. 


A live timetable is accessible all week online - so you can plan your week's worth of activity...
Children's Mental Health and Wellbeing

As schools across England remain closed due to COVID-19 moving in to the Summer term, we felt it was incredibly important to take some time to look after ourselves emotionally, physically and mentally. 


Having only started their learning journey six months ago, children in reception are yet again having to navigate another bend in this journey. Prior to closure, we were lucky enough to have had several conversations and discussions, both individually and as a class about the reasons behind why we have to close the school, wash our hands and keep a distance from people. This is a lot for children of any age to understand, and accept the inevitable changes coming over the following few weeks and months. It is with this in mind, that the EYFS team planned for the children to build a den using whatever materials and resources they wished as part of their home learning task. Fortunately, we have had some stunning weather over the past few weeks, which has enabled our dens to be built either inside our houses or in our gardens. We have seen a huge variety of designs, sizes, materials and differing uses for their dens. Feedback from parents have reminded us all of just how much fun this activity was for everyone involved and how important it is to look after ourselves, as well as each other.


"Children think better on their feet than on their seat"

Mark Benden


This activity supports many areas of the Early Years Foundation Stage framework including:

Physical Development

Understanding the World

Personal, Social and Emotional Development

Shapes, Space and Measure

Communication and Language

Expressive Arts and Design 

Online Learning 

Today we had our first zoom session. It was so nice to see so many of you and share what we have been doing whilst in lockdown. The children were clearly very excited to see one another. Over the coming weeks we are hoping to provide: Show and Tell Sessions; Bedtime stories with guest readers;  Phonics and Maths sessions, as well asjust using platform to stay in touch.

I have been receiving lots of different ideas and activities from parents, which I thought I would share with you, that can be done at home alongside your child or during your daily exercise.

As a school we have decorated a rainbow. The children of key workers helped to paint the rainbow and hang it in the school window so that when you go on your daily walk or bicycle ride you can see if you can spot it and know that we are thinking of you.


We miss you all and are looking forward to our return! 

A bit of fun....

Please support your child to learn the words to the George Ezra song 'Shotgun' for our return to school. All will be revealed, hopefully!

George Ezra - Shotgun (Official Video)

George Ezra - Shotgun (Official Video) 'Shotgun' is from the new album "Staying At Tamara's" - get it now: http://smarturl.it/StayingAtTamaras?IQid=yt Listen...

Online Safety

We have been asked to remind parents about the precautions we should continue to take when allowing our children to use various apps and the internet. Online safety is critical at all times but none more so than now.


During the lockdown teaching and sharing resources has had to be done remotely meaning that there are an increased number of children accessing the internet and various online resources. Unfortunately, this also means that there are a small number of people in society who will want to abuse this. PLEASE supervise your child whilst using the internet. As much as we endeavour to signpost children and families to recognised 'safe' activities and apps we can not guarantee their safety.


Children have participated in e-safety/online lessons where we have discussed seeking an adult if something happens or if they see something they don't like. This needs to be reinforced.

I am not meaning to frighten you but it is something we as a school, have a statutory duty to protect. We have a vast selection of resources which you can use to support this available at the bottom of this page should you wish.

Free e-book library

World Book Online have just made their collection of over 3,000 ebooks and audiobooks available for free for children to access at home. They have books suitable for all ages.

(TBN: they are in American English rather than British English)


Explaining the Coronavirus to your child

We appreciate these are unprecedented and challenging times for adults, let alone children. Below is a pdf presentation of a child friendly explanation of the Coronavirus if you would like to use it to help discussions at home.

Science Day

During today’s science assembly we watched the scientist conduct some experiments including how a balloon is kept up with hot and cold air; making balloon kebabs; muscles; and how electricity works.


After our introduction to the world of science we returned to class to conduct some further experiments for ourselves!

World Book Day

Children arrived in school with their half term 'puppet projects' in hand and dressed as their favourite story book characters. The children reenacted their own, as well as friends stories, sharing props and puppets to support their performances. The children brought in a wide variety of traditional and modern story books. Children had the opportunity to share their favourite book with a year two child and their class friends. We decided to put our puppets on display in the classroom so that our friends and visitors can guess which character they were.


Can you guess the title of the story book using just the puppets as a clue?

Book Swap
NSPCC Number Day

Today the children came dressed as something mathematical. We had a variety of activities planned throughout the day to promote not only the love of maths but the NSPCC.


…....We even had some Numberblocks make a flying entry....!

Our visit to see Cinderella at the Pantomime 

                "I loved it!"

           "Cinderella married the Prince."

         "It was amazing!"

  "The swan flyed with Cinderella on his back"

      "The green things were really funny!"

"It was magical with all those lights and things"

"I want to go again- it was just the bestest"

People and Communities 

Halima's Mother and Father came in to speak with the children about the Islamic religion. We spoke about where they go to pray, what their special place is called and how they dress when going to prayer. We watched a video about the Five Pillars of Islam and what this means to people of the Islamic faith. The children were very curious and asked Halima's parents lots of questions about their culture and beliefs. The children had lots of special objects to look and which became the basis for a lot of their questions.

Thank you so much for sharing this with us. It was very special.

Children in Need

Today the children were invited to come into school wearing something yellow for a donation of one pound. As a class we spoke about all the different charities and good causes this money goes towards funding as a result of their donations.  Well done Reception!


(I don't know where the children have all gone.....we seem to have a class of Pudsey the bears doing morning yoga?)

British Values - Democracy 
Following our learning about the British Values, the children learnt first hand about Democracy. The children were offered the chance to be a part of the School Council. They had to think of a promise about what they would do if they were elected and present it to everyone. After, all the children were asked to vote for one boy and one girl to represent the class. The votes were counted and the class now has two representatives for the year.  

Halloween Mess


This week we have been reading 'Room on a Broom'. As part of this learning we have been exploring making mixtures and potions using different materials and resources. We had to stir, and stir the mixtures so that they would combine to make a foamy gloop. We thoroughly enjoyed feeling the different textures and thinking of words to describe it.

Silly Hat Day

To help raise money to refurbish our school library we all donated £1 to wear a silly hat.

We all had great fun!

Harvest Festival Assembly

Reverend Irwin came into school this afternoon to lead a whole school assembly about the harvest. Over the course of this week, children and their families have been donating produce to go towards a local charity such as the night shelter or local food banks. Reception this year had learnt a short nursery rhyme about a scarecrow. The children were keen to watch each year groups performance and then bravely stood up to deliver their own rhyme. Reverend Irwin reminded the children that there was going to be a celebration service at St. Mary's church in Wivenhoe on Sunday morning. The children have each been given a picture of a bee to colour, decorate and cut out. Reverend Irwin explained that if the children were coming along to the celebration service they could bring their bees they had coloured as it would be needed.


......I wonder what they are going to be used for?.....





This morning we have been focusing on staying safe when going on the internet.

Firstly, we looked at types of technology. Children generated a list of devices they use:
-Nintendo switch
-mobile phones


The children watched a video clip about a character called Jessie who liked watching a song called ‘There’s a worry in my tummy.’ The children watched this animation and discussed as a class what we can do if we watch something which frightens, upsets or makes us sad. The children suggested:
“Telling a adult.”
As a class we continued the discussion about what adult might be a safe adult to speak to. This again, prompted a lot of ideas:
-Dinner ladies
-Mrs Worth or Mrs Whearty


We then spoke about how we can keep ourself safe when playing games on technology. We decided if we saw something which gave us ‘a worry in our tummy’ we would speak to our trusted adults and put down the device.



Our first Welly Walk

This week we went on our first Welly Walk. We walked down to the woodland area and learnt all about how to stay safe while we are there. We had lots of fun exploring the woods, climbing trees, looking for insects, digging for treasure and finding fairy houses.


We can't wait for next week  as we are going on a Gruffalo hunt!

Music with Miss Temple's class 
Last week Mrs Minshull came to meet Miss Temple's class. She brought her friend Elaine for everyone to meet. We sang some songs and listened carefully. Mrs Minshull let us look after her animal puppets and we all copied the actions to some new songs. This week we have been invited to go to Mrs Minshull's class room to find out where Elaine lives and to meet her friends. We can't wait. 

Decorating Biscuits

This morning Mrs Worth's class decorated a biscuit. The children could choose how they wanted to decorate their biscuits including which colours. The children helped to prepare the work space by cleaning the tables and ensuring their hands were clean before starting their decorating. They used a variety of tools to complete the task and were very excited once the biscuit was ready to be eaten. As a class we spoke about eating sugary treats and how we shouldn't eat too many yummy sweet treats. This promoted a lot of discussion based around what foods were healthy/unhealthy, as well as the importance of eating a variety of food types.

Ben the 'Star of the Week Bear'

Ben is the newest member of Mrs Worth's class. He has been made by a friend of the school and is dressed in grey trousers and a blue school jumper. Ben will be introduced to the children on their first day at school. Star of the Week bear is way for both teachers and parents to celebrate children's successes. This might be when a child manages to write their name for the first time, having tirelessly practised on numerous occasions, or tried doing something for the first time independently. Each week Ben will be sent home with a child on a Friday and needs to be returned to the Mrs Worth on the Monday. Please be careful with him as he is delicate and valued member of the class. If you would like to document what you have done with Ben, please use the enclosed paper. Your child can then use this when sharing with the class how well behaved, or not, Ben has been. Every child will have an opportunity to take Ben home at some point throughout the school year.

Reception 2018-2019

Bearded dragon 
Chillian rose tarantula 
Pigmy hedgehogs (Mrs Prickle Pants) 


What a wonderful morning the children have had. As expected the children were fantastic! They listened carefully to instructions (not to use loud voices, put their hands in their mouths or to get up from their seats). Children were separated into three groups and each group given an animal to hold or touch. We were introduced to each animal, one at a time, and told some fun facts about each one. Some animals were spikey, silky, soft and smooth. The children sat for a whole hour listening to the lady talking.


What an experience and what a treat!

Silly Sock Coffee Morning for Autism Anglia

Today the children  took part in 'Silly Sock Day' to raise money for Autism Anglia.  The parents came to join the children decorating their socks and purchased cakes and drinks to raise money. We even had a raffle. A huge thank you to all those parents who attended this session and who donated cakes/money.


Singing for the Community

The EYFS team thought it would be nice to sign up to take part in 'Good Morning Britains' bereavement week. As part of this the school invited  members from the wider community, in particular those who have lost someone special, to come and listen to the children from Reception sing songs from their Spring performance 'There's a Sunflower in my Supper!'. After the performance the children stayed and chatted with the grown ups, sharing what they enjoy the most about school and what they enjoy doing. The children spoke happily, confidently explaining their answers. The grown ups were invited to stay and have a cup of tea and a piece of cake also.

Reception's Outdoor Provision

This years project in Reception is to develop the outside provision. We wanted to provide learning opportunities for children which generate intrigue and curiosity.  Children now have a wonderful new water wall and mud kitchen!


Money raised from the 'May Black Tie Ball' will go towards continuing to develop this area.


We braved the weather to take our hobby horses out for a spin in aid of Comic Relief.  The children enjoyed creating and making their own hobby horses with their families using various resources. 


"......It was such fun!!"

Science Week

As part of science week children had a visit from 'Pyro Pete.' Each class had the opportunity to participate in various experiments. Pyro Paul showed us lots of cool things you can do with dry ice. He explained that it is so cold it will burn you if you touch it. He added hot water and made lots of fizzy air, finally adding washing up liquid to make even more fizz. We all had a chance to smell the air and hold some fizz in our hands.

The children were extremely excited to come to school dressed as their favourite book character. This morning we had a surprise visit from our friends Rapunzel and Snow White. As part of World Book Day each class shared the book called 'There's no Dragon in this Story.' Each class were given a character from the story to decorate and share in our whole school assembly at the end of the day. 

There's a Sunflower in my Supper!

Reception proudly present this terms spring performance called 'There's a Sunflower in my Supper!' Children have been busy learning lines and dance routines in preparation. The story is about a cow who finds a sunflower growing in her field of grass. The cows work alongside the other animals and wildlife to solve what exactly is growing. Do they find out what it is? Does it end happily ever after? and what did we learn about seeds?.....All will be revealed!
Image result for number day NSPCC 2019

As part of the NSPCC Number day children were challenged to come into school dressed as something mathematical. Children arrived dressed as a number; with numbers written on their t-shirts; wearing different 2D shapes on their clothing. At the end of the school day children participated in an assembly about what the NSPCC do and why they encourage family and their children to take part and fund raise.


Thank you for being so supportive and for making the day so special. 

Number Blocks Day

To celebrate this terms overarching theme of the 'Numberblocks' reception dressed up as their favourite character from the BBC animation. 


The BBC television series aims at introducing children to early number. The snappy animation and loveable characters combine with engaging storylines to gently introduce concepts of number to support early mathematical understanding. It will be through this approach that we will be introducing children to the concept of addition and subtraction.


Thank you for all your hard work on producing such fabulous costumes. The children thoroughly enjoyed wearing them, particularly when finding different ways to overcome challenges including how to carry their trays.



Christmas Lunch 2018

The children thoroughly enjoyed sharing their Christmas lunch alongside their friends. The children listened to Christmas songs and pulled crackers with their friends. Mrs Worth had also made some 'elfie' sticks for children to enjoy. We had the choice of a mince pie, ice cream or a Christmas biscuit for our desserts.


Happy Christmas and have a Happy New Year!

School Councillors

The Reception class school council helped to collect donations at the end of the Year One nativity production. They took their role very seriously and were extremely polite when thanking the grown ups for their donations. 

"Thank you for coming!"          "Thank you"                     

Today was Reception's first ever school visit.


We all wore our wellington boots and waterproof coats, and set off for a fun filled day. The children were really excited to see that we would be travelling there on a double decker bus. Once we all found a seat we fastened our seat belts ready for the off.


The children had great fun telling their supporting adults what they could see such as fields of sheep, farm land, a red flag, and even some 'funny tall towers' (pylons.) We even spotted a van with a lift that had taken a man high into the sky to change a light bulb on a lamppost. Some of the children were keen to share that they recognised specific areas of Colchester as we travelled through it. 


On our arrival we had a snack and were organised into groups ready to participate in a senses walk or a natural art class. We went on an adventure in the nature reserve where we had to use a sticky palette to stick all the interesting, colourful things that we found as we explored. We found lots of different coloured berries, flowers, leaves, and many other interesting things. At the end of our senses walk we were all given a ball of mud and were challenged to create some muddy faces using what we could find. We used leaves, sticks, stones , grass, flowers and berries to create our muddy faces, one muddy face had arms and legs. At the end of our senses walk we made a potion. We each had a container small container where we added lots of things we thought might help the plants to grow. It needed to be mixed well before we could feed the plants.


Just before we left, our final challenge was to spot all the 'caterpillars' (pipe cleaners) hidden in the hedgerow. We spoke about which coloured caterpillars were easiest to identify and why. One of the children explained that the brown and black caterpillars were the most difficult to spot as they were camouflaged.  

Last week Mrs Minshull came to see us in the classroom, but Mrs Worth said that she thought we could come to visit her in her music room this week. Mrs Minshull explained we sit on a bug mat in her room so we have plenty of space.
We sang the Old McDonald song and children were given another chance to hold each animal puppet as it was sang in the song. We had to remember the sound of each animal whilst doing the action.
The children were introduced to the ‘Stave House’ characters using song. Each character is given a ‘room’ and the children were learning which line they should sit on. We learnt a song which helps us to remember.

Today we went down to the wildlife area. In the wildlife area we found some bug hotels, a log circle and a mud puddle. Before we entered the wildlife area Mrs Worth gave us some instructions to follow to keep us safe. We made sure we listened to the rules for example, not to go to the pond without an adult. We explored the wildlife area, climbed trees, looked for acorns and let our imaginations go wild!

Children said:

"I have found a dinosaur footprint!"

"The pond is cold. Fish like it cold."

"I think the squirrel has been eating this one."


Today we had P.E. As it as raining we decided to have P.E in the hall. We had to get changed into our P.E kits and remember to put the clothes we have taken off into our bag. We replaced our bags onto our pegs and lined up ready to walk to the hall for P.E. Mrs Worth spoke about how fast our heart was beating before we had been running/exercising and compared this to how we felt once we had been running. We spoke about our heart pushing our blood around our bodies, which helps us to run, and keeps us healthy. We also spoke about why we might be feeling hot following exercise.

Our First Week at School

The children have made a fantastic start to school life. Children are starting to remember their daily jobs including finding their pegs, putting their book bags away in their trays and their places during morning work.


This week we have been working on ensuring children are arriving into school happy and secure with the expectations and routines of a normal school day. They have been participating in a daily phonics sessions focussing on supporting children's phonological awareness (linking sounds, listening for rhymes) and developing our love of reading. Children have been given their reading books and are beginning to be heard read by an adult. Reading books can change these at any time.


Mrs Minshull came to teach us this morning. Over the course of the year Mrs Minshull will be teaching us how to read music and play instruments. Today we played a game where we had to clap fast, slow, loudly and quietly. We read the story about Old McDonald and Mrs Minshull asked us for some animals we remembered from the story. Mrs Minshull had a bag with some of the animals from the story. We listened to what animal sounds they make and tried to copy them.


Welcome to our Reception page!


To support your child's transition into school life please feel free to practise some of the listed activities with your child over the summer holidays.

  1. Getting dressed and undressed (focussing on buttons and fastening zips.)
  2. Holding a pencil and mark making
  3. Recognising and/or writing their names
  4. Turn taking and sharing
  5. Independently managing their toileting needs (support will be provided at school when necessary)
  6. Sharing books for pleasure using the pictures to support understanding

.....Not forgetting to simply have fun and share experiences together!


I have attached a document which is really useful when tracking your child's learning and development. It has been designed to help you as the parent/carer find out more about how your child is learning and developing during their first five years, in relation to the EYFS. As suggested in this attachment, this document could be used to identify what your child can do and use it as a prompt to try and explore new things together.


We really are looking forward to seeing your children in September and hope you all have a wonderful summer holiday.



Useful Websites: