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Reception 2021-2022

World Book Day!

Today we celebrated World Book Day by coming to school dressed as a word! We enjoyed a whole school assembly fashion show and lots of excited activities throughout the day!

NSPCC Number Day 2022

Today we celebrated Number Day in Reception by coming into school dressed as something mathematical. We had shapes both two and three dimensional, horizontal and vertical lines, numbers, patterns, characters and so much more.....

Kimmy's Zoo

This morning the children welcomed a variety of African animals into school. We were introduced to Charlie the Bearded dragon, Rapunzel the millipede, Willow and Winston and William the Meerkats, Shere Khan the python, and Mrs Tiggy-Winkle the pygmy hedgehog. 


We learned about their home country, the foods they eat; where they prefer to live; how old they were; what sounds they make and why; how big they were and how large they grow to, why their skin/fur is the colour that it is or if they have any specific characteristics.


It was so good that even the school Governors wanted to join in!

Harvest Festival

The children enjoyed dressing up as part of their harvest celebrations. This week we have been learning about harvest. The whole of reception have been busily learning 'Big, Red Combine Harvester' and 'Dingle, Dangle Scarecrow' to sing to the rest of the school as part of the harvest assembly. The children were very proud of themselves as were all the staff and their school friends.

Exploration and Investigation

Today we had the science box out and used the magnets to explore the classroom looking for things made of metal. The children investigated various pieces of furniture and toys, using the magnets. This prompted a lot of discussion around different materials and their uses.  



Today the children took part in morning yoga. We had to listen to the instructions being given by the yogi and control our poses when asked. The children concentrated on holding each pose using their arms for balance. 

Morning work

This is us

As part of transitioning into school life here at Broomgrove, we used our school values (FAMILY) to look at the differences and similarities between each other. Children have enjoyed making their self portraits using various resources and tools. The children used mirrors to see what they looked like and selected the most appropriate colours and resources to create the desired effect. 


I wonder if you can recognise anyone?

A warm welcome to Broomgrove Infant School!


Over the coming weeks we will be uploading letters, documents relating to the curriculum your child's learning follows, dates of any up and coming events, photographs of your child(rens) learning- so keep your eyes peeled! 


Thank you for allowing us to accompany your child(ren) on their learning journey here at Broomgrove Infant School.


School/Packed Lunches

Just a reminder that if your child would prefer to bring in a packed lunch from home please ensure it is named. Please remember that we are a healthy school, which means that we promote healthy food choices and snacks. We will provide your child with a piece of fruit each day. 


Your child is welcome to bring in a named refillable water bottle. Ideally, your child should have a book bag so that it slots easily into their trays, so that letters and work can be sent safely home. 


Drop off/Pick up

Please be assured that we will do everything we can to support and settle your child to enter their classroom as independently as possible. Weather depending there may be activities set up outside your child's classroom to support their transition back into school. We appreciate this is going to be all very new for your child but we will do everything possible to make this a positive experience. 


On your arrival to school on Thursday, please enter the school site via the large playground gate and make your way round to your child's classroom door and wait to be welcomed by their class teacher.



On your child's P.E day (TBC) we are going to ask for your child to come into school already wearing their PE kits. Children will then be able to wear this for the whole school day. Please refer to the 'Autumn Term' letter which can be found below for health and safety procedures relating to hair and jewellery.



Over the course of the first week of school, we will aim to get all parents set up on their child(rens) Tapestry accounts. If you do not receive a link to activate your child's account, please check your 'junk' folder as the link occasionally can be found here. If you continue to have problems please do contact your child's class teacher.


Thank you for your patience and support. 


Our First Week of School!

NHS 73rd Birthday

The children enjoyed dressing up in rainbow colours to celebrate the 73rd birthday of the NHS. The children came dressed in bright colours and each donated some money towards a charity. 


"Look Mrs Worth! I'm a rainbow of colours"


"It's the birthday of all the doctors, hospitals, and nurses. They're 73 years old."

Pirate Day!

As part of today's Pirate day the children were invited to come into school dressed as a pirate. We started the day by going on a treasure hunt where we found some chocolate coins hidden in the undergrowth. We made telescopes, hooks, treasure maps, eye patches and flags. Outside we made a ship out of cardboard boxes and other resources we found in the outside learning space. We enjoyed a cup of blackcurrant rum and a pirate biscuit!

Children in Need 2020

Today children were invited to come into school wearing their P.E kits with the addition of something spotty to their uniforms. The children enjoyed completing the activities prepared on the table including colour by numbers picture of Pudsey the Bear, and morning Pudsey the Bear yoga.


As a class we spoke about what Children in Need is and why we help to raise money for the various charities associated with Children in Need.  The children were pleased the money was going to help other children who are less fortunate than themselves. Well done Mrs Worth's class- you managed to raise a lot of money!

End of Term Celebrations!

To celebrate the children's great success over the past eight weeks we decided to have a party to celebrate. We wore our party clothes, decorated our classroom, had our face painted, played pass the parcel, as well as plenty of other exciting activities!


Thank you for working alongside us to make the children's first half term so exciting and such a positive experience for them. Enjoy the break and we look forward to welcoming you back for Autumn 2. 

Today we went on our first Welly walk down to the wildlife area. When asked we found our wellies and put them on and lined up at the door. We stayed in line and walked down to the wildlife area as a class with Mr Crookes, Mrs Wiltshire, Mrs Holmes and Mrs Worth.


We listened carefully to the safety rules including not to go near the pond unless with an adult, and when the bells ring we must stop and listen to the instructions. We found lots of minibeasts under logs, feathers and acorns. We climbed trees, and explored the woodland area paths. 


When we returned to class we took off our wellies, putting them back on the trolley, washed our hands and had a snack.


....It was brilliant!

Today was our first virtual lesson via Microsoft Teams. Mrs Minshull started the lesson by clapping a rhythm and we had to copy. We got introduced to Elaine the Elephant who is a character from the Stave House. We sang some songs and moved in time to the beat of the music. Mrs Minshull asked us to wiggle when the music is playing and freeze when it stops.
Tricky Words

We thought it would be useful to share some ideas as to how to support your child to learn to recognise their tricky words. Children have been introduced to 'tricky words', which are usually referred to as Common Exception Words (CEW), and that children need to practise these at home. Children at this stage only need to be learning to recognise them. This can be done by playing games such as

  • Snap
  • Bingo
  • Four corners
  • Hide and seek
  • Highlighting words in a newspaper article
  • Splat the tricky word
  • Writing words in chalk on the floor
  • Digging up hidden words in mud/glitter/flour


These are just some ideas to support your child to secure these words by sight. We have uploaded, to the class Microsoft Teams page, a video demonstrating how we support learning these with an adult in school. Although it is a reading exercise primarily, this isn't to say that you can't support this by writing them also. 


 Children will be expected to apply their tricky words knowledge as the year progresses in their independent writing. Tricky words will be checked each week by an adult in your child's class. When they are securely recognising each set they will then be given the subsequent set to take home and learn.  If you have any questions please speak to your child's class teacher.

Online Safety

We have been asked to remind parents about the precautions we should continue to take when allowing our children to use various apps and the internet. Online safety is critical at all times but none more so than now.


During the lockdown teaching and sharing resources has had to be done remotely meaning that there are an increased number of children accessing the internet and various online resources. Unfortunately, this also means that there are a small number of people in society who will want to abuse this. PLEASE supervise your child whilst using the internet. As much as we endeavour to signpost children and families to recognised 'safe' activities and apps we can not guarantee their safety.


Children have participated in e-safety/online lessons where we have discussed seeking an adult if something happens or if they see something they don't like. This needs to be reinforced.

I am not meaning to frighten you but it is something we as a school, have a statutory duty to protect. We have a vast selection of resources which you can use to support this available at the bottom of this page should you wish.

Free e-book library

World Book Online have just made their collection of over 3,000 ebooks and audiobooks available for free for children to access at home. They have books suitable for all ages.

(TBN: they are in American English rather than British English)


Explaining the Coronavirus to your child

We appreciate these are unprecedented and challenging times for adults, let alone children. Below is a pdf presentation of a child friendly explanation of the Coronavirus if you would like to use it to help discussions at home.

British Values - Democracy 
Following our learning about the British Values, the children learnt first hand about Democracy. The children were offered the chance to be a part of the School Council. They had to think of a promise about what they would do if they were elected and present it to everyone. After, all the children were asked to vote for one boy and one girl to represent the class. The votes were counted and the class now has two representatives for the year.  

Ben the 'Star of the Week Bear'

Ben is the newest member of Mrs Worth's class. He has been made by a friend of the school and is dressed in grey trousers and a blue school jumper. Ben will be introduced to the children on their first day at school. Star of the Week bear is way for both teachers and parents to celebrate children's successes. This might be when a child manages to write their name for the first time, having tirelessly practised on numerous occasions, or tried doing something for the first time independently. Each week Ben will be sent home with a child on a Friday and needs to be returned to the Mrs Worth on the Monday. Please be careful with him as he is delicate and valued member of the class. If you would like to document what you have done with Ben, please use the enclosed paper. Your child can then use this when sharing with the class how well behaved, or not, Ben has been. Every child will have an opportunity to take Ben home at some point throughout the school year.
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