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Welcome to our Year One Page!


In Year 1, we build upon the learning experiences within Nursery and Reception. We strive to give every child an education that not only teaches reading (including letters and sounds), writing and maths, but also develops essential social skills, language, learning skills and attitudes for life. Our children are happy, settled, confident, creative and eager to learn. The best transitions are built on familiarity but also some careful change.


Children still have time to play and choose their own learning alongside more directed teaching and learning. Adults interact with the children as they play to teach them new things and practise skills. Adults find out what children know, understand and can do by observing them in their play and activities.


As the year progresses, our classroom environments, daily routines, timetable, and extent of more directed teaching time will evolve to meet the needs of the children and their learning. The focus of this being to ensure that all children leave Year 1 with the firm foundations, skills, and knowledge required for Year 2 and future learning.


We look forward to welcoming you and your children to Year One!

Miss Buckley, Mrs Stang, Mrs Lillywhite, and the Year One Team

Year One Classrooms and Outside Environment


Letters and Sounds

Below is a copy of the letters and sounds mat we use in class to support the children with their reading and writing. Please remember that the children are expected to know all of these sounds by the end of Year One.

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Autumn Term 2019

Year One's Stunning Start for our topic 'Dream Big'

We had a fantastic day dressed up as someone that inspires us or who we dream we might be when we are older. The children explored this concept across the day with role play, drawing, writing, and art.